Types of Racking

Types of Racking


Selective Rack Storage
Pallets of materials are placed directly on the rack system by a forklift. Each load in pallet racks is readily available. This system is both economical and efficient. Pallet rack designs come in numerous configurations to handle any storage need and can be easily expanded as your company grows.


Cantilever Racks
Ideal for long dimensional products, cantilever storage rack systems use arms that extend from the towers allowing unobstructed, frontal access to items. Materials of varying lengths can be stored. These racks are available in roll-formed steel construction or structural steel for heavy duty applications. Cantilever storage rack allows for full use of space from side to side on each level and it is possible to store items or materials of varying lengths without interference or modification to the rack structure.


Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack
Drive-In pallet rack systems are a cost effective solution to high-density storage needs. Product is stored on continuous rails that allow lift trucks to enter the rack structure to place and retrieve pallets. Fewer aisles are required, thus increasing storage density by up to 75%. Drive-In pallet rack uses a common entry/exit, while Drive-Thru rack has a separate entry and exit, needing two aisles and more space. Drive-In pallet rack systems are one of the highest density storage solution available. These “last-in, first-out” storage systems are ideal for warehousing similar products on like-sized pallets, or for cooler and freezer applications.


Push-Back Pallet Rack
Push back pallet rack systems offer similar storage density as drive-in pallet rack while improving selectivity and accessibility to a range of available in 2 to 6 pallets deep. From one aisle, pallets are stored by “pushing back” previously placed pallets with a new pallet on the next cart position. When the front pallet is retrieved, gravity causes the next pallet to move forward into a ready position. This “last-in, first-out” system (per lane) reduces picking time when a large number of picking faces are required.


Gravity Flow Rack
Gravity flow racks are ideal for supplying pallet or carton loads of common SKUs in sorting and distribution operations. They also are a great option where high throughput is required or in a warehouse storage situation that calls for large volumes of each SKU. Gravity flow pallet racks act like a conveyor within a rack structure. Pallets are deposited at the charge end and then flow down an incline to be picked at the opposite end. Systems can be 6 or more bays high and can run from a few to 15 or more positions deep. Using gravity to gently keep pallet loads staged for picking operations, flow racks are an economical first-in first-out storage rack solution.


Multi-level Pick Modules
The goal of Pick Module Storage Rack Systems is optimum product flow. Pick modules utilize pallet and carton flow racks through a storage rack system to expedite the order-fulfillment process. Pick module system designs may include push-back, gravity flow, selective pallet rack and other storage methods and conveyors to optimize product flow.