Wire Decking

Wire Decking

Wire Deck adds another level of safety and support to products stored on pallet rack. The high visibility and reinforced barrier offers protection to warehouse staff from dislodged product. In contrast to plywood or similar surfaces, wire decking also provides adequate air circulation and sprinkler access in case of a fire. The ease of installation and numerous benefits makes wire decking a must-have!

Which type of wire deck is right for you?

Drop-In Wire Deck


Drop-In wire decking rests on the insert of the horizontal beams. This type of wire decking is ideal for those looking to have a flush fit.

Waterfall Wire Deck


Waterfall wire decking wraps over the edge of the horizontal beams. This type of wire decking offers greater stability in the fit of the deck.

Flared Wire Deck


Flared wire deck is the universal fit of wire decking. The flare decking can accommodate most beam styles regardless of whether there is a step or not.

Step Wire Deck

Step Up Wire Decking

Step wire decking utilizes the reinforcement of welded channels that rest on the step of the beam. This type of wire decking structure is most common in typical warehouse application.

How to measure
Wire Deck Measure

1) Identify Beam Type

  • Step Up Beam
  • Box Beam

2) Measure Beam (Pictured Below)

3) Measure Horizontal Beam Length (A) and Upright Depth (B)